Katie's Yoga

Personal Interests

I love yoga!  I live in Connecticut and typically practice yoga at Sol Vinyasa Yoga in Old Saybrook and Zen and Now and East Lyme. It is an amazing path and holistic lifestyle and I always remember to treat myself with compassion. I have also had the experience of practicing yoga at Blissworks in New London, Pradipika in Clinton, Kripalu in Massachusetts, YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, California and the Mystic Yoga Shala.  I am a student of yoga as well as at student at Mitchell College and take great pride in my work.  I like taking on new challenges and adventures where ever I go!

My Warrior Three Pose

 I try to buy organic whenever I have the chance. It really makes a difference in the sustainability of our earth and how my body feels. Leafy greens such as collards, broccoli rabe and spinach are a few of my top favs! Did you know you body absorbs more calcium from leafy greens than it can from a glass of milk. However, iron is more readily absorbed from meat. 

Also, I play the drums (drum kit, and South African Mahogany djembe) and the acoustic guitar in my free time.  I really like music because it is a universal language. I write my own songs and play them for my friends. Another hobby is hula hooping. It is a playful, meditative way to spend five minutes or half an hour, by myself or with a friend. 

Hula Hooping Fun 

I saw Bob Wier and Ratdog in July of 2009, Phish in August of 2009 and Bob Wier and Ratdog and Phil Lesh and Friends with Furthur in February 2010. I recently went to the festival, Gathering of the Vibes, and saw Further, one of my favorite bands. Zach Deputy and Strangefolk are other favorites. 

I like science, marine biology and biology. I enjoy going to the Mystic Aquarium with my family and seeing the beluga whales, bio-luminescent jelly fish and touching the sting rays. The way the human body reacts, sports medicine and homeopathic, holistic medicine interest me.

I have a sister, Becky, who is 18.  She is amazing. I love my Mom  because she supports me in all areas of my life. 




Teaching Children Yoga~ Peace, Love and Happiness!   I taught  the first grade class at the Waterford Friendship School in May of 2011. I am in the red sweatshirt on the left.